Jerry Tardieu, President of the Council of Economic and Social Development (Finance)

Newly-appointed Prime Minster Laurent Lamothe has been continuing to find ways in providing Haiti and its citizens, as well as its foreign allies, with a more balanced and developed economy, political body, and society. But these efforts seem to lack something in order to provide positive long-term effects in the near future. This is because of the difficulty in harmonizing the different sectors to help the Martelly-Lamothe government's goal.


To solve the differences of the essentials sectors in Haiti, mostly that of the public and the private, Prime Minister Lamothe launched the Council of Economic and Social Development in the 9th of July, 2012. The council is the new "strategy" of the government that will focus on simplifying and assisting the introduction of investments and initiatives, most especially from the private sector, to Haiti and on the government's future plans and projects. Mr. Jerry Tardieu, the CEO of the Royal Oasis Hotel, was assigned by the Prime Minister as the President of the said body while Louis Naud Pierre was given the General Coordinator position.

Along with the country's National Development Plan, Tardieu should be able to unify the different sectors in improving the socio-economic status of Haiti and its people through the coordination of several policies that fit each sector's needs and interests so as to ensure fairness. The council is predicted to help improve the current conditions of Haiti's poor sector. Hopefully, this move will be able to encourage more and more investors to contribute to this cause for a better Haiti.

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