Enex Jean-Charles ratified under pressure from International Community

Let's once again thank "Mr. Blanc" for his involvement in the internal affairs of Haiti and for making the nomination of a Prime Ministe possible. The session in the Chamber of Deputies for the ratification of the statement of General Policy of Prime Minister Nomnee Enex Jean-Charles was not possible as the majority bloc "Parliamentary Alliance for Haiti" (APH) were not yet satisfied with the deal. However, according to some reliable sources, it was not until some pressures came from members of the International community that they finally got into shape and decided to proceed with the ratification process. As a result, 78 deputies voted for, 1 against and 2 abstentions.


I guess, you can find results from Haitian Lawmakers once their travel Visas are threatened

What do you think?

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A Baptiste says...

Finally, everyone knows where the real power is. The Haitians were never in charge since they their politicians have too much to lose like: Bank deposits in the US, Scholarships for their children, Houses and enterprises in the US. Don't play with the bif GUNS. Let Haiti be a society of CONSUMERS and it will never be a

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Subject: Enex Jean-Charles ratified under pressure from International Community edit

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