Judgement of Debet issued to 16 High government officials in Haiti

If you thing the Government Commissioner has a lot in his plate, you have not seen anything yet. Radio kiskeya announced on May 2, 2016 that Judgement of Debet (Arret de Debet) have been issued to 16 former high government officials in Haiti by the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes(CSCCA) for mismanagement of public funds.


These name have not been released yet; however the decision will be made shortly. Once the names are published, it will be the responsibility of the Government Commissioner to follow up with an actual investigation.

What do you think?

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Yonel Placide says...

This provisional government needs to make sure that they are accountable for every dollar that is being spent under their watch.The time will come for them to give a detail report of what they have being doing during their time in office.

They are acting as if they are elected to manage the affaires of the country.

They probably do not understand the term of their mandate or they are deliberately looking for

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Subject: Judgement of Debet issued to 16 High government officials in Haiti edit

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