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Self-Driving Autos to Increase Economic Growth

Google had a chance to show off its self-driving car when Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe paid a visit to the Mountain View tech company in November. Google is one of three companies to have developed the technology for self-automated (SA) vehicles, along with Tesla and Nissan. Google, first one out the starting gate, has a fleet of self-automated models that are still in the testing phase. The autos have registered hundreds of thousands of test miles with no technical malfunctions.

In the planning stages of designing a SA auto, Tesla will build one to perform 90% of all driving duties. They are expected to offer the first model in three years. Nissan's goal is to develop their SA technology to offer consumers affordable SA autos by 2020.

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Behaviors that did not help the cause during anti-Martelly Protest

The protest against the government of Michel Martelly was undeniable a success with thousands and thousands of people in the street on November 18, 2013 demanding that Michel Martelly leave. There were several incidents that I observed that actually make me think about who actually took to the streets to demand the removal of the Haitian President.

Please tell me why do some during the protest feel that they have to clime a light pole just to remove the picture of Michel Martelly?

There were several vehicles that were parked at the wrong place, the wrong time. These cars had their windows broke into, painted with graffiti and in some case had their tires punched.

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Will Dimanche before Senate Committee on Towing

Will Dimanche, Director of Traffic Services and Traffic Police, came under fire about procedures used in towing vehicles from Senator Steven Benoit, of the Senate Committee on Justice and Security. Benoit wanted answers about what companies are towing, who their owners are, precise tow fees, third-party money allocation, and sources of money transactions. In short, he senses a fraud scheme. He suggests the Highway Code is not being followed by Dimanche.

The process of towing vehicles in Port-au-Prince and Pétion-Ville has gotten bogged down. Both have seen an increase in motor vehicles and more companies doing business. A third problem is the rise in abandoned vehicles on public thoroughfares.

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Miami Mini Bus, a Miami-Dade's jitneys

They are number of mini buses which are referred to as Miami-Dade's jitneys. The term ''jitney'' means a five-cent piece in Haiti; this was the cost of a ride on the vehicle. Many people prefer Miami Mini Bus because of their availability and convenience.

In addition, the fares are reasonable as compared to other means of transport. The jitneys have no fixed schedules; instead they are flexible and zoom by after around every five minutes. They have routes throughout the county; they make stops anytime they are asked to. Their sizes make it possible for them to maneuver in traffic unlike the big buses.

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Guidelines for Being in a Car or Outside during a Disaster

If you are driving a vehicle on the road and see a tornado, stop, get out, and search for a ravine, ditch, or gully. Flatten yourself against the ground for best protection.

Avoid being near trees, power lines, or any objects likely to fall on you. Avoid crests of hills or promontories.

Should a violent thunder and lightning storm strike, while you are operating a vehicle, stop and park. Remain in your vehicle until the storm has moved on.

During a storm, avoid trees and large objects that are lightning attractors.

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Car Accident in front of Television National (TN), over 20 dead and 50 injured

We just learned a terrible accident happened in Port-au-Prince yesterday, January 16, 2012. This took place in Delmas 33 in front of Television National D'Haiti (TNH).

A truck transporting sands, unable to find its break, took the live of many people as it was going down the hill. The truck finally stopped in front of the Television National D'Haiti. As the truck was going down, it took everything that was in its path, including people who were selling inthe streets.

Preliminary results put the total number of people who died so far at 20 and the toll is expected to go up. Over 50. People are reported injured Update: as of Tuesdat, 5:00pm the number of dead is 33 and is expected to rise

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