Guidelines for Dealing with Police During a Peaceful Demonstration

How do you deal with the Police during a Demonstration?


Guidelines for Dealing with Police During a Peaceful Demonstration

If you are a member of a protest group, informing yourself on the dos and don'ts of dealing with the police will ensure relations between your group and those officers assigned to monitor the event are kept non-violent. Use the following guidelines to keep peace between you and the police.

• always present your id card or driver's license when requested.

• don't put your hands in your pockets or otherwise conceal them; they may think you have a hidden weapon.

• don't obligate yourself to their demands to search you or anything belonging to you; satisfy them you don't have a hidden weapon, but assert you will not allow them to search anything else.

• don't initiate physical contact and don't resist arrest; you'll only make matters worse.

• find out if you are being arrested; if you are, you have rights:

• to know why you're being arrested.
• to talk to an attorney.
• to remain silent.
• to leave the presence of the police officer if not under arrest.

• don't challenge the police officer with any wrong-doing; dial 911 and give details of misuse of their authority.

• get police officers' identifying information, especially badge number.

• don't jaywalk unless instructed by them it is okay.

• pay attention and respect the presence of the police; if they are present in numbers, or seem angry, don't hang around.

• don't hurl insults at them, even if they're disrespecting your rights; be non-threatening.

• be pleasant, and you'll gain their respect.

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