FLASH - Guy Philippe sentenced to nine years in U.S. prison

Haitian rebel leader Guy Philippe was sentenced to nine years in prison in Miami federal court today (Wednesday June 21, 2017). He was found guilty for accepting bribes to protect cocaine smugglers who used Haiti to ship drugs to the United States.


Philippe who is now 49 years old will be free when he becomes 58 years old. He will have plenty of time to continue with his political dream.

As you may remember, Guy pleaded guilty two months ago to drug related money laundering. That decision allowed him to avoid going to trial for drug trafficking which would likely put him to prison for life

Earlier, attorneys for Guy Philippe's claim immunity as a senator-elect in Haiti. However, this was dismissed by the judge.

Guy Philippe was arrested in January. He later admitted to accepting between $1.5 million and $3.5 million in cocaine profits from Colombian traffickers for letting the traffickers to Haiti to reach the United States between 1999 and 2003

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Castro De Julio says...


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Raymond Lafontant says...

a saga is finish.

It will be very difficult to write this Haitian history

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Franck Noziere says...

I think this is a wonderful thing for Guy, also there are people who did a lot worse than him they are free, anyway who autorise that he has to go to prison in the us.How many Americans they have in prison in

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