Haiti Borders, Aerial Surveillance, Land & Sea, Managed By Israeli Firm

On Saturday, October 24, 2015, an agreement on strengthening and modernizing the border policing management, focusing on the infrastructural and enhancing manpower capacity, has been signed between Haiti and Israeli firm HLSI, in the presence of several Haitian Ministers and officials. The agreement would include massive border surveillance for land, air and sea. The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by Laleau Wilson, the defacto Haitian Minister of Economy on behalf of the Haitian government and Ms. Eva Peled, the Vice-President of HSLI, a former lieutenant in the Israeli air force and CEO of Geomine & Vice-President of Mitrelli Group. In addition to that, the agreement will modernize the custom posts to check the recurring revenue losses on the border. It has been learnt that Mitrelli Group has some connection to Clinton Foundation because along with Eytan M. Stibbe Capital Fund and Luminar Finance, the company had provided a donation of $24,800,000 (in 2009) to Clinton Global Initiative in Adama, Angola. Some critics are of opinion that the donation has favored this $50 million contract in Haiti to HLSI through the Clinton's puppet Martelly administration. Furthermore, the Mitrelli Group has also interest in mining business which has abundant unexplored opportunities in Haiti.


Since Israel's primary concern is with the growing number of terror attacks along the border, it uses some very modern, innovative surveillance techniques which even advanced countries like the U.S uses to keep its border safe, prevent smuggling and illegal immigration. With its ongoing national security problems, Israel relies heavily on advanced video security technology, some of which are most advanced solutions in the world. Some of the equipment Israel uses include surveillance balloons with high-powered cameras over a desert-camouflaged armored vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAV), Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System (LORROS). They have watch keeping air vehicle system with over 20,000 flying hours. Israel is considered as one of the leading players in the field of video surveillance systems. There are many other well known video surveillance companies in Israel. But people may want to learn why 'HLSI' is chosen for Haiti?

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Subject: Haiti Borders, Aerial Surveillance, Land & Sea, Managed By Israeli Firm edit

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