Members Pitit Desalin and Verite arrested in Pilate

11:30AM We learned that 2 members of Political Parties "Pitit Desalin" and "Verite" have been arrested in the locality of Pilate. It is also reported that some people have started a protest that was dispersed by the Police in Pilate.


In St Michel de l'Attalaye, policemade three(3) arrests found in possession of 4 mandates of different political parties

In Petit-Goâve, 17 people were arrested. There are suspicions that these people came from the Haitian capital. They are being detained at Petit-Goâve Police Station

Here is a picture of candidate Eric Jean-Baptiste as he is voting on October 25, 2015

For a complete minute by minute report of the Haiti Election Day(October, 25, 2015), please go to the link below which will be updated constantly throughout the day with the latest information.

Link for minute by minute report of Haiti Election Day(October, 25, 2015)

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Subject: Members Pitit Desalin and Verite arrested in Pilate edit

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