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Dominicans are not Racists, they just don't like Black Haitians

Why would anyone think the people of the Dominican republic are racists. We are tolerant, and welcome foreigners just like all civilized societies. We just don't like "Black Haitians"

Where do you think this statement came from. You wouldn't believe it but this is a true statement coming out of the mouth of a Dominican in Miami.

This is how we set this: A good friend of mine who is white asked the other day to a Dominican Immigrant why is it that Dominicans and Haitians are often in conflict? To his surprise, his Dominican friend came with the above answer.

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Haiti, the Invasion and Occupation of The Dominican Republic

Brutal Military Rule Occupation.

From February 9, 1822 it has been the Dominican Republic, till the present times. During the period of occupation the military rule had been very brutal, as the Dominicans recall. However the reality proves to be more complex.

Large scale exploitation of land took place during Haiti occupation of the Dominican Republic and production of crops for export failed. There was failure in restricting Spanish language usage, elimination of customs that were followed traditionally.

End Of Slavery

Perceptions of the Dominicans about themselves got reinforced. They considered themselves different as compared from the people of Haiti in terms of domestic customs, religion, race and language. During the period of occupation, slavery ended there and it became the Dominican Republic.

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Priest Francis Havel Criticism for Haiti's Dominion over Santo Domingo

A priest in the Dominican Republic has come up with some views that Haitians did something abhorrent for having dominated the Dominicans for 22 years. According to him, he said that Haitians have this high time to go down on their knees and beg forgiveness from the Dominicans. This is according to the fact that over the last 170 years, Haiti had exerted its dominion over the Dominicans a thing that made them to lag behind for 22 years. The priest, Francis Havel comes from the parish in the area La Caleta.

The priest was speaking during an inauguration of two housing projects in Guerra Municipality, Santo Domingo. One of the notable people in the government was the president of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez. He praised the president for the developments he has brought since he assumed power in Santo Domingo. He said that the country could have been far much ahead despite the fact that Haiti had suppressed the country for some period of time. Adding to his speech, he said that he was hopeful that the president could take back the position of a head of state for another term. He commented and said that the president is capable for leading the country for another 12 years.

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