First successful charismatic conference in Bois-Neuf

Reverend Jules Campion of the Our Lady of Fatima Bible Center put on a three-day religious event in the tiny village of Bois Neuf. At the ceremonial site, he and other priests performed a Catholic cleansing ritual, with Voodoo and evangelical components. The gathering was the biggest of its kind Haiti had witnessed in years.


The event began with the Catholic practice of sprinkling holy water over the heads of the crowd. This was followed by exhortations of the priests to cast out evil spirits, as the participants tumbled to the ground, screaming.

When not writhing on the ground, they prayed for miracles. Producing visas, they asked the Supreme Deity to make clear their path, so they might emigrate from Haiti to other countries, where chances for employment, more fruitful, and a better living standard more possible. Holding pictures of family members, they prayed their families would be restored to health.

Reverend Campion delivered a sermon, warning pilgrims conversion of Haiti to Catholicism--especially Port-au-Prince--was urgent; otherwise the next earthquake would spell doom. He passionately demanded the assembled, "You must convert!" He chose the remote village of Bois Neuf to hold the religious event at because he considers it one of the sacred places of Haiti, conducive to conversion of the masses that came together.

The nearest towns to Bois Neuf are Lindor, Mathon, Gros Latanier, and Grand Boucan. Major metro areas close by are Port-au-Prince, Guantanamo, Carrefour, and Delmas.

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