Overpopulation in Haiti Holds Country Back from Recovery

Overpopulation on the globe has become a serious concern to governments. All sectors of society are affected: jobs, education, healthcare, and agriculture. In emerging nations, the phenomenon is more intensified. Weak economies cannot create sufficient employment opportunities to lift people out of poverty. Nowhere is this truer than in Haiti. On the index of failed states, the small island has difficulty gaining traction to provide employment, housing, education, and healthcare to 70% of its 10 million population.


The poor in Haiti have become so desperate they often take to the streets, setting cars on fire and erecting barricades to obstruct the flow of commerce to voice their indignation at what they are forced to endure. Much of the violence occurring in places like Port-au-Prince come from gang activity. The Haitian National Police try to manage it but between inadequate manpower and the underground nature of gang activity it is like treading water.

The Martelly government is weak and cannot manage itself; and although the international community has donated $2 billion toward the restoration, the majority of it is being withheld because the government is so inept, it can't be trusted to use the funds responsibly.

China's solution to overpopulation is to limit families to one child or else be penalized. But in Haiti, the poor have no knowledge of or access to birth control.

Martelly needs to go, and the permanent and electoral councils should be combined into one body, so no excuse exists not to hold elections.

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Soulshadow55 says...

Why do you think that just getting rid of Martelly is the complete solution to Haitian over-population?

Haitians have never had access to effective birth control - even before Martelly took office.

Moving forward all presidents and elected officials need to stress to Haitian men and women the need for birth control.

The government may even need to begin passing g out condoms.

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