Morne des Commissaires in Thiotte, Massif de la Selle

Many rural area towns across Haiti suffer from the same problem of limited water supply. For the Massif de la Selle town of Thiotte, perched at an elevation of between 1,200 and 1,800 meters above the sea, their water problem could have been described as nightmarish, a situation that can so easily lead to the spread of diseases such as the current Haitian epidemic of cholera. Some help has been given to the town of Thiotte, found to the south of Forêt des Pins, where once the residents would have to travel far distances by foot just to get water.


The United Nation's Mission for Stabilization Haiti (Minustah), has funded a 1 million gourde project to fund the building of 40 water tanks, with a life of 15 years, to collect rain water. Local participation involves the contribution of 144,000 gourdes from the community. The tanks will be erected at the Association of Breeders of Morne des Commissaires, where the rainwater can be properly collected and stored at a standard fit for daily use.

At the end of the two year period for construction, each family set to benefit will have a cistern and will share water for personal hygiene, consumption, farming, and laundry use with their closest neighbors. The water will be filtered by each family, significantly reducing instances of waterborne diseases.

The lack of water not only posed a health risk to these citizens, but also threatened their livelihood as many make their subsistence by farming. It is not a stretch to imagine the thirst with which they now wait for their new water system

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