Road infrastructure in Mahotière, Commune of Carrefour

The community of Mahotière, through different programs put on by the government as well as Food for the Poor, has found itself a new lease on life through improvements to its road infrastructure, housing, food production and efforts to combat the crippling effects of deforestation in the area.


The road work changed not just the physical landscape of the town, turning its once dusty, unpaved street into the industrialized Mahotière 75, but it also changed the perception of the town of Mahotière into one that was ready and open for business. The town's Mayor, Jude Edouard Pierre has stated that there has been an increase in the tax revenue, and that Carrefour has seen a steady recording of small traders in Mahotière. Betting on the favorable changes to continue, Mayor Pierre wishes to file for a new project to continue the work of the previous one for 2010-2011 which has brought them an increase in the area's home property values as well as the rejuvenation of the town's nightlife activity.

At the start of that project, Food for the Poor also spearheaded its own; an initiative that brought 1,500 people together, who succeeded in planting 25,000 fruit trees along the slopes of the mountains in Mahotière. The trees included peach, apple, orange and other citrus, avocado, mango and other shade trees. They also planted coffee and strawberries. The efforts of this project, aided by the Ravine Mahotière, which cuts through the mountain at an elevation of 243 metres above sea level, have made the project a success.

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