Haitian deputy Arnel Belizaire in Rage at the Parliament

Watch it for yourself. This is a video of the actual event where Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire exploded at the Haitian parliament.


Haitian parliament Arnel Belizaire who has a reputation for having a great ability to express himself and also to demonstrate his disagreement when necessary, threw a total of three desks across the room in the Haitian Parliament last week during a full session.

Previous incident by Deputy Arnel Belizaire. Security camera showing Deputy Arnel Belizaire aggressively handling a worker at the post office as the post office worker attempted to stop the Deputy Arnel Belizaire of Delmas and Tabarre from entering a backroom.

Now the question is:

Do you think it is a proper way for a Haitian official to behave?

Do you think Deputy should be able to use any mean necessary to get his point across?

Should he be disciplined for that?

What do you think?

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