Haitian Diaspora doubled remittances less than 10 years - Transfè Lajan Double

In a report recently released that monitors the amount of Remittances received by the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, the report noticed that an important source of income for these countries came from their Diaspora sending money transfers to millions of families and friends to cover basic needs like food, education, health and housing.


Nan yon rapò ki fèk lage monitè kantite lajan Ayiti. Rapò a remake ke yon sous enpòtan nan revni pou peyi sa yo te soti nan Dyaspora yo ki voye transfere lajan.

According to the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), remittances represent more than 10% of the gross domestic product in countries such as Haiti, Guyana, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Jamaica and Guatemala.

Dapre MIF, transfè lajan reprezante plis pase 10% nan pwodwi brit domestik nan peyi tankou peyi Ayiti, Giyàn, Ondiras, El Salvador, Nikaragwa, Jamaica ak Gwatemala.

In 2012, Haiti received 1.988 billion dollars, with the Haitian Diaspora sending money transfers to their families
In 2011, Haiti received 2.057, from Haitian Diaspora all over the world
In 2010, Haiti received 1.971, billion dollars
In 2009, Haiti received 1.641, billion dollars
In 2008, Haiti received 1.870, billion dollars
In 2007, it was 1.830, billion dollars
In 2006, 1.650, billion dollars
In 2005 1.077, billion dollars
In 2004 1.026, billion dollars
In 2003 978 million
In 2002 932 million
In 2001 810 million

If we in the Diaspora are contributing that much to the Haitian economy, shouldn't we be asking for more back home?

Nou nan dyaspora kap kontribye anpil nan ekonomi ayisyen an, nou ta sipoze mande pou plis

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Raymond Lafontant Jr says...

the doubling is mainly due to a better account because of the new regulations in the developed

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Jean says...

ke miki

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