Haiti's National Institute of Music Program Begins in Hinche

Haiti's most recent addition to its National Institute of Music (NIM) program is a new 12-room music school in Hinche. The launching ceremony was attended by Josette Darguste, Provisional Culture Minister, and President Michel Martelly.


Haiti began planning the NIM program after Martelly, on a visit on Venezuela, attended a concert of the El Sistema Youth Orchestra. A musician himself, Martelly realized the social significance of having youth orchestras deployed across the island. A deterrent to violence and conducive to raising self-esteem, the government of Haiti (GOH) developed a partnership with Venezuela for the development of a national music education program. Venezuela has experienced enormous success with its El Sistema program, with the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra.

The music school in Hinche is being looked upon as the core of Haiti's music program, which the GOH intends to expand to four other areas on the island. The aim of NIM is to create a youth symphonic orchestra in targeted areas of Haiti.

During NIM's launching ceremony, held at Petion-Ville's Karibe Convention Center, El Sistema's Culture Minister, Mario Dupuy, spoke about the value of a music education. He says encouraging ". . . children to practice music is the surest way to give them confidence."

The creators of NIM's music programs will be Raoul and Pascale Denis, classical musicians, who will design the music program based on El Sistema's music infrastructure, particularly its Youth Orchestra, the lynchpin and the pride of Venezuela.

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