Elections in Haiti likely in October 26, 2014

Who said we can't do anything? It seems like whe we really want to do something, it will happen. I would like to add with the desire of the International community. That is the case with agreement just signed at Hotel El Rancho.


On Friday March 14, 2014 at El Rancho, Cardinal Chibly Langlois informed informed the public that an agreement has been reached between President Michel Martelly, Senator Steven Benoit and representatives of political parties. Senator Benoit was mandated by the President of the Senate

Here is in brief what the new agreement consists of:

Transformation of Transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP) in Provisional Electoral Council

Elections for two-thirds of the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies and local authorities

Amendment to the Electoral Law

Formation of an opening government

Publications of all laws passed in Parliament at the exception of some with objection from the executive branch

Eske nou Ouè lè ke ti neg vle fè yon bagay, li kapab fè li! Petet mwen te ka di: Lè yo di ti neg pou li fe yo bagay, li kapab fè li

Komman ou esplike apre tout mare pit, ke vini gin yon entant antr Gouvenman Martell, Palema-an avek Pati Politic yo?

Li ta samble ke lè ke chalè a cho pou presidan-an, li kapab negosye!

Epi ankor, koze pa pou ou, komman nou explike absans Presiden Simon Desras? Tou don kou, li ginyin yon voyaj a Letrange ki fè ke li pa la pou li signin?

Ti jwet Kokin sa yo pa bon. Mesye, nou magouyè trop!

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Pierre Emmanuel says...

President Senat se yon lache.

President Martelly guinyen poul president

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Subject: Elections in Haiti likely in October 26, 2014 edit

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