Hillary Clinton's Brother & Rare Gold Mining Permit


Hillary Clinton's brother and Haiti gold mine permit raises eyebrows

Tony Rodham is the youngest brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton. He is a former repo man, prison guard and private detective who used to work to secure foreign financing for a company. In October 2013, Tony Rodham joined the advisory board of VCS Mining, a Delaware-based company that was planning a gold mine in the Cap-Haïtien and was awarded the contract for carrying mining activities. It was a both lucrative and controversial deal, because Haiti has an estimated gold reserve of about $20 billion and the permit for mining was not issued to anyone in the last 50 years.

It was later revealed that the Haitian government was agreed to accept a royalty rate from the VCS Mining which was at least half the standard rate at 2.5%.

The contract also came with a privilege to renew the mining project in Morne Bossa for up to 25 years.

However, when the mine permit was suspended in early 2013 due to environmental and level of foreign ownership issues, another board member of VCS mining, Jean-Max Bellerive, a former Haitian prime minister was involved to persuade Haitian Senators to support the project.

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