Hinche Ceremony Launches Administrative Complex Center

On Monday 6/17/13, Haitian President Michel Martelly, along with government officials, David Bazile, Philippe Cinéas, and Georges Garnier, attended the opening ceremony of the Socio-Cultural Center and Administrative Complex Center (SCCAC). The modern architectural design rises three stories and complies with green standards. The SCCAC will house all government administrative offices.


The Inter-American Development (IADB) funded the project at a cost of $2,670,000 dollars. The SCCAC is only one of dozen of projects the IADB has signed on to, since the 2010 earthquake leveled Port-au-Prince and outlying regions.

President Martelly, pleased with how the project turned out, expressed his gratitude to IADB. When the 2010 earthquake hit, it demolished much of the government of Haiti administrative offices, so Martelly is especially thankful.

During President Martelly's remarks, made before a large crowd of government administrators, he spoke of creating a work culture, in which any citizen of Haiti could expect to receive a high level of professionalism, respect, and responsiveness to their needs and issues.

Growing expansive, he urged those assembled in Place d'Armes, located in Hinche, to participate in a demonstration of brother- and sisterhood to foster the image of a new Haiti. He further emphasized the importance of harmony, so the international community, particularly IADB, would see Haiti as serious about repairing and improving its standing among the nations of the world. He wants Haiti to be seen as a stable democracy without the internecine conflicts that have afflicted it in the past.

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