Haiti to reinforce public structures, making them earthquake resistant

The United Nations plans to reduce vulnerability of some buildings in Haiti against future earthquake threats. This will include Haitian schools, hospitals, and some selected buildings.


"Evite miyò pase mande padon."

This plan recently approved by the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission, came out as a result of a discussion between Haiti minister of Interior, Paul Antoine Bien-Aime, UNDP Senior Country Director Jessica Faieta, and UNDP seismologist Eric Calais.

C'est le grand Plan.....
Sa Pa Kaka Cok.........

According to authorityies, the goal is to reduce impacts in earthquake-prone areas. They improve to improve resiliency of the buildings in the poor areas in Haiti.

Ou Tande Bef, ale oue Konn...


Is this believable?

Do you think this plan will be implemented or filed away forever?

Yon lot gro Plan sou papier!

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Loc says...

Wow, I can't believe this conversation that you are having, when you compare Haiti with Jamaica, please don't, that's all I have to say, "Ps" I love Jamaican, Haiti is the first in every aspect however you look at it, it's undeniable, therefore don't be ignorant


Ur very funny.

check ur history in the 1500s, 1600s, 1700s, and 1800s Richest country in the Caribbeans...Don't forget about what I said I love Jamaicans cause we all black peoples first...It is time to stop keeping each others down....#1

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Ricclavie says...

"Ou Tande Bef, ale oue Konn..." What is this?

We were one of the most intelligent people on earth.

We accomplished a lot of things in a proper manner.

Why not today and tomorrow.

I believe that we still can do better and be more intelligent than before.

Reinforce every building will be a better advantage for all of

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Dieuseul Rosier says...

Michel D wrote: it is people like you that keep Haiti from moving forward..

Mr. D, please let me know why after 200 years 85% of the population still do not write or read?

Why an election was done on Sunday and we still b can not know the result while in Jamaica the result is known the next

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Michel D. says...

It is Haitians like you that will prevent Haiti from moving forward.

the plan can be implemented.

The only thing we need is education.

The government need to teach the Haitians to respect the law.

If after the education, there still some who refuse to obey it, they should be punished.

Isn't it how it is dione all over the

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Monferied D. says...

Can someone tell me how the government is going to implement this plan. Is the Haitian government going to use ith own money for that?

How about the people who continue to build.

Are they going to establish some laws that will prevent them from building any way they want

Is this Haiti we are talking about?

You must be

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Moise T. says...

Haiti is a country of bloff.

The people in Haiti are use to these kind of crap.

Five years from now, the people will still be working on the plan.

This is the only country in the world where you can continue to fool all the people all the

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Pski R. says...

You have got that right my friend.

This is just a plan that will not go anywhere.

We have so many studies and so many plans in Haiti about almost everything.

These plans never

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