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This is the corner where we attempt to address the current issues of the Haitian families. This section covers relationship, abuse, and any issue affecting the Haitian family

Jalousie Slum Makeover, Beauty Versus Poverty in Color

A psychedelic makeover of Jalousie slum in Haiti is under progress. This uninviting concrete block of homes lay on mountainside of the capital of Haiti. The makeover of this largest shantytown of Haiti covers two aspects - homage and art. The facades are being painted by workers in cream, lime, peach and purple. The inspiration for these colors comes from Prefete Duffaut's work "Cities-in-the-skies". Duffaut was a great Haitian painter who died in 2012.

The whole effort is given a name - 'Beauty versus Poverty: Jalousie in Colors'. The project will cost $1.4 million and this slum makeover is an attempt of government to relocate the people living in displacement camps that were a result of 2010 earthquake. The government plans to pick up some high-profile camps in the nation's capital and relocate them in places like Jalousie while paying rent for a whole year in form of subsidies for those residents. The government also plans in tidying up these areas by providing city services and aims towards building up a place that will be decent for living and people will be proud to be a part of the place.

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Effects of Hunger on Children

Hunger is one of the primary reasons for over 11 million child deaths in developing nations. Even in U.S., over 14 million children suffer from hunger. Hunger can have devastating effects on children as far has physical health is concerned. Some of the effects of hunger on children are mentioned below:

Immune System Weakens: The first major impact is the collapse of immune system. As the immune system of children become weak, they become susceptible to ailments. As a child fails to get necessary amounts of Vitamin A, chances of death due of ailments like malaria, measles and diarrhea increase by nearly 24%.

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Jimmy Carter returns to Haiti to build houses

Haiti has welcomed former United States President Jimmy Carter as he returned to the country to help build houses for people who lost their homes during the 2010 earthquake. Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, were implementing a rehabilitation program with Habitat for Humanity. Some 600 volunteers were also helping to build 100 houses in the town of Leogan, which was the epicenter of the quake that killed thousands of people and destroyed homes, buildings and infrastructure.

During his visit, the 88-year-old former president also called on donors to fulfill their billion-dollar pledges to Haiti. It can be recalled that countries and institutions vowed to donate some $4.46 billion to Haiti. However, the United Nations said that only about half of the money has been released so far. The delays were attributed to problems that some donor countries are facing. Donors are also reportedly waiting for the new Haiti government to adjust and settle as President Michel Martelly assumed presidency only last year. Carter said that everyone should support the government in helping revive the country.

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Haiti working for Passing Adoption Reform

Adoption is a process of providing couples with new members to add to their family, and most especially a process of giving abandoned children a loving family and a home. That is why a nation's adoption regulations and policies are highly essential in ensuring the well-being and protecting the rights of every child. In Haiti, thousands of smuggled orphans have been reported and most orphanages that cater to about 50,000 Haitian children are poorly managed and have very limited resources.

Based on the poor state of the country's adoption system, the Haitian governments moved to reform and strengthen its legislation on the adoption process of Haitian children. According to several officials, the proposed reform in legislation is committed in ensuring that the state's obligation to the protection of children is being met. It included the policy of having both biological parents to give legal consent when filing their child for adoption. Other requirements noted in the new legislation is that couples trying to adopt a child should have been married for at least five years, with one of them being at least 30 years of age while a single individual filing to adopt should be at least 35 years of age. It has already been thoroughly discussed and documented in the Senate and is now awaiting an approval from the country's Houses of Parliament.

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Tips for Leaving Pets Home Alone

A lot of people have jobs these days and have to leave their pets at home for which a few tips for leaving pets home alone can be followed. While the pet knows that you are not at home, you can run errands and complete important work and return.

Most of the pets including dogs, cats, birds, etc act as if they were aloof and independent but interaction of humans is what they thrive on the most. A few things could be done if you are planning to keep the pet home alone. The pet gets a secure feeling if the radio is left on and will not get depressed or bored. Always keep a bowl of fresh water for the pet to drink and get refreshed. Food too could be left in a bowl for the pet.

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Dog Heartworm Prevention

Dogs too suffer different kinds of health issues out of which one of them is dog heartworm, for which you will need to know about dog heartworm prevention. Different kinds of veterinary drugs are available to prevent heartworm. Moxidectin, ivermectin, milbemycin etc are popular drugs for heartworm infection available in the form of chewable tablets and pills.

During the monsoon season, dogs need to be given the drugs every month. Vets generally administer moxidectin which is available in a sustained release injection for six months. Due to concerns related to safety the moxidectin drug was taken off from the market. Another drug called Selamectin is topically used as preventive medication. This too can be administered on monthly basis. Intestinal worms and parasites get killed by these drugs.

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Dog Food Safety

If you have a pet dog then you will need to understand a few things about dog food safety. Not all food items consumed by humans are suitable for dogs. Foods items like raisins, Macadamia nuts, chocolate and grapes etc are not good for dogs. Cocoa contained in chocolate is dangerous for dogs. Even raisin and grapes could cause acute danger as discovered in 2000.

Another thing most dog owners do is boiling of bones first before offering it to the dog. If the bones are cooked then there are certain changes in the physical and chemical properties due to heat which makes chewing difficult. The bones could splinter and can also prevent digestion. Another aspect of food safety for dogs is that when they are not well then medications given to humans should not be given to them.

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First Anniversary Gift, How to Make the Date Memorable

Events have been there. They are happening even right now. The most interesting thing is that they will be there in the days to come. Gifts make the date of the events memorable. Furthermore, what reinforces the memories would range from the quality of the gift to the emotions attached to the gift. For the gift to have an impact on your first anniversary, then you should adhere to some facts, which we will discuss shortly.

It is possible that you have heard the cliché 'it is the simple things that make the big different'. If you have not yet heard of the statement then you are hiring it for the first time. Well, it matters on the truth behind the statement. It therefore follows that you can reinforce the memories of your first anniversary by giving the target person just a simple gift.

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Top Ten Gifts for Mothers

For Mother's Day you may be certainly thinking of presenting a nice gift for which you could refer to the top ten gifts for mothers. There couldn't be a more special person in life than a mother and hence she certainly deserves a special gift. The special gift could be for a grandmother, a wife who is expecting or your very own mother.

There are a number of ideas and gifts that are mom oriented to consider on Mother's Day. To show her your appreciation gifting a vintage watch is a nice idea that is self-promotion too. Each time your mother checks the time she will think of you. Women like diamond earrings and your mother is sure to appreciate this valuable gift. For any girl whether old or young, diamonds are a best friend.

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How to protect your property while you are away

There are several reasons that may require you spend time away from your home. You can be away for business matters, home renovations or holiday. For whatever reason, it is important to ensure that your property is secure while you are away. Here are some tips to help you have some peace while you are far from home.

Ensure that you discourage trespassing in your area. You can put up noticeable 'No Trespassing' signs. Having a guard on duty will also help a big deal. You can also set up Beware and/or the Fierce Dog signs.

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