How to Create a Memorable Souvenir of Your Travels

Souvenirs remind the receiver that we have been thinking about them while on holiday. It's the equivalent of a "wish you were here" postcard.


Be thoughtful when considering a souvenir gift for someone. Avoid the tourist trap souvenir shops that produce a lot of meaningless junk. If you are a talented photographer, take pictures of interesting landmarks, historical spots, and architecture. Take photos of the local citizens you've enjoyed sharing an experience with. Take shots of local parks, beaches, bays. Snap shots of the colorful and lively neighborhoods you visit.

Is there a local or national holiday being celebrated? An annual festival, a food stand selling local fare, like knishes in New York City? Is there a special or exciting event happening, like the Blue Angels Exposition Show? Is the local population celebrating St. Patrick's Day, Columbus Day, or Bastille Day with parades and pageantry?

Are there spring flower shows taking place? Is the World Cup being watched at a sports bar? Did their team win? This is how you create a narrative of your journey and share it with others. You give them the flavor, color, and feel of the place you've visited through your photos. The receiver becomes an engaged participant in your holiday adventures.

Create an album as a souvenir to your friends and family. You'll be creating wonderful memories with them as you share together your travel stories. A picture is worth a thousand words and you will have told an entire story with your travel photography.

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