U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees takes position on Dominican crisis

Mezanmi, bagay you pa piti minm pou Dominikin rasis sa yo. Mwen panse ke you comanse reflechi pou decisyon sa-a ke yo the pran kont Pov malere Ayisyen yo. Yo realize ke Ayisyen yo ka pov se vre, min yo pa pitimi san gadon.


The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees issued their opinion regarding the Dominican Court decision to remove the citizenship of several hundred Dominicans with Haitian background.

The United Nations specifically requested that the Dominican Republic quickly restore the nationality of all the individuals affected

Baali Boooolova!

Ginyin yon bagay mwen pa komprann. Ampil moun ape di ke se pou Gouvenman Dominikin e Aysyen negosye yon solition pou cris sa.

Ki sa Ayisyen aprale negosye avek Dominikin?

No pa ginyin pou nou negocye anyen

Yo decide pou yo pran decisyon racis yo, yo sipose pran sanksyon pou jis yo change

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Jean-baptiste Matkenson says...

An nou di moun ki te kraze lame ya yon gwo mesi se sak fe joune jodia Sen Domeng we nou pa gen lame li anvi pile zotey

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Paul says...

I agree with the statement, but I think you mean, "pitimi san gade"
(from the french:garder, garde meaning somewhat "surveiller".

Keep up the

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Patrick Gaspard says...

Ce sa yo te blyie.

Yo gen pi bel fasad se vre men yo pa pi gwo neg passe nou nan jwet

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