Is Halloween Okay for a Christian to Celebrate?

The beginnings of Halloween we know and celebrate today began around the time of Christ, 2,000 or more years past. It is the second most profitable holiday for retailers, tracing its origins back to ancient Ireland and Scotland. Celtic priests, the educated Druid class, subscribed to a pagan belief system. On Samhain Eve, they celebrated the end of summer and descent into the dark months of the year, engaging in animal sacrifice and interpreting omens. They also sought guidance from occult influences to perform magic and heal the sick.


Christianity arose in the aftermath of Jesus' crucifixion and dominated northern Europe, until the Protestant Revolt. Before the Protestants banished Catholic traditions, Christian theology had co-mingled with Celtic traditions and created a Church holiday, All Hallows', or All Saints' Day today. Eventually All Hallows' shifted to the word Halloween.

Since Halloween has a mixed legacy of occult practices like witchcraft and the religious All Saints' Day, modern Christians experience confusion over whether they should celebrate Halloween or not. The Bible gives guidance on what activities to avoid. They include speaking with the dead, fortune telling, and wearing talismans.

To sum it up, any involvement with dark influences, which contradict the Church's teachings, is forbidden.

But Christians can partake in fun festivities such as dressing up in costumes, bobbing for apples, and trick or treating. Halloween for Christians can be an opportunity to play make-believe and receive a gift for it, a bagful of sweets and goodies.

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