Jacmel Reacted on Jean Marie Patrice Etienne's slaying and Jorry Maxy's Kidnapping

One thing in Haiti that seems to become successful in its decentralization is the new phenomenon of Kidnapping in Haiti. On Monday (11-19-12), several hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Jacmel to denounce the slaying of well known agronomist Jean Marie Patrice Etienne and the kidnapping of 3 years old, Jorry Maxy.


The population in Jacmel is saying enough is enough. This has become the latest flashpoint in Haiti related to kidnapping. It ignited anger, drawing a crowd of thousands on Monday in Jacmel.

The population took the opportunity to denounce authorities in the City for not providing a safe environment for the population in Jacmel. The cited recent increase in criminality and kidnapping occurring throughout the city. This was the second time in just a few weeks that the population in Jacmel rose up against kidnapping.

Barricades were erected and the protesters threw bottles in many areas of the city. ADH Director in Jacmel, Olivier Marquez, became the subject of frustration for the population because of ADH policy to cut electricity during the night, allowing the insecurity to increase. It was reported that the protestors stoned the house of the EDH director, breaking window glass in the house and smashed a car in his yard.

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The city of Jacmel, Haiti

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Arlene says...

I am from Trinidad but I'm a lover of Haiti & Haitian people, I'm wondering what happens when the people protest like this, does the officials listen?

I pray for Haiti that Jezi name will be lifted up so this land will be healed & blessed.

God is

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Amedee Jean says...

The angel will be happy for

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Irma says...

Jacmel is the place where I was born. It's killing me to hear what's taking place there now. That's was one of the most safest place in Haiti.

I don't know what to say anymore! They need to do something tragic in order to free Haiti, meaning: clean up from the top. ( Mare kidnape yo) it does not matter who they

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Clovis Camilien says...

Cest hoorrible que notre Haiti soit deveue un

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Reginald Joseph says...

Haiti is moving fast from bad to worst.

Just watch all the variables.

The picture does not look good at all.

There is a food crisis that we will feel soon. The kidnapping seems to be increasing.

How do we solve the problems of Haiti?

If we do not get our act together soon, we will not have a

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Johnson P says...

If the Haitian government is really interested in developing the tourism industry in Jacmel, they should not allow an atmosphere of insecurity to invade the historic city of Jacmel.

Why would tourists come to a city where innocent people are being killed by bandits?

The government needs to know exactly what it

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Sanon Joseph says...

I believe that if the Haitian government really wants to get ride of kidnapping, they could.

The only reason kidnapping is still happening in Haiti is because it benefits the government.

The business of governing in Haiti is one of the most profitable.

They are able to do anything they

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