Judge Lamarre Belizaire ordered arrest of André Michel on murder charges

I can imagine what has been going through the head of Judge Lamarre Belizaire. He probably said: If we can't get the top prize in reference to Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide, maybe we need to settle for something less. Someone like activist André Michel could still create some problem, but not as much.


Having said that, On Wednesday, Judge Lamarre Belizaire issued a ruling, ordering the arrest of Andre Michel. The Pro-Government Haitian judge Haitian wants Mr. André Michel as well as Enold Florestal and Josué Florestal who are already in prison, to go on trial for the murder of Frantzy Duverseau in Carmelot street, Bois-Verna, Port-au-Prince,

Judge Lamarre Belizaire wants them be arrested and placed in a detention center if they had not yet been detained.

Judge Lamarre Belizaire is quite an interesting character. He has become famous for persecuting the enemies of president Martelly. He was in recent history banned by the bar association for 10 years

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann.....

Rete, rete,...ou kwè Jij Lamarre Belizaire kapab arete yon neg tankou Met Andre Michel?

Eske nou sonje ti proveb Ayisyen sa ki di, "Lè ou pa trape Toutrel, ou pran plim!" Comm Met Belizaire paka mete kod nan kou toro yo bay pou Jean-Bertrand Aristide la, alos, li poze min li sou Te Andre Michel. Selman, pinga li te byen konte mal kalkile

Eske se pa yon madichon kape toumante li? Ou kwè se pa yon pousuiv yo mete nan dèyè li. Lamarre Belizaire dwe konnin ke Ti Pè-a se yon ansyen Pè legliz. li konnin couman pou li chante yon mess Nwa deye moun ki ape anmède li oui.

An tou ka mwen, kote'm ye la, mwin ginyin kat Pelouz moin nan deyè poch mwin pou'm ale gade espektak. Paske, Potoprins, se yon peyi ki chaje ak po fig oui. Ou pa konnin ki lè oupe Bite!

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Yves Leandre says...

Pouki sa ti Pè-a pa te chante yon mes nwa nan deye George Bush ki te voyel nan exil 2

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Subject: Judge Lamarre Belizaire ordered arrest of Andre Michel on murder charges edit

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