Just a Tropical storm, Isaac killed 19 people in Haiti, compared to 2 in Dominican Republic

Every crisis tends to be much bigger if it takes place in Haiti and that holds true as well for the last tropical storm Isaac. According to the latest report from Haiti, the death toll from Tropical Storm Isaac has jumped to 19. In the meantime, it was reported that only two people died in the neighboring Dominican Republic after they were swept away in a river.


Again as you may recall, the 2010 earthquake did not kill over 200,000 people in Haiti; their homes did!

It was reported that three minors were among the dead, a 10-year-old girl who died when a wall collapsed onto her home in Thomazeau, a boy struck by a falling tree in the capital suburb of Carrefour, and another boy who was electrocuted in the northern city of Gonaives.

Can someone hear me?

Haiti is prone to flooding and mudslides because much of the country is heavily deforested and rainwater rushes down barren mountainsides.

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Sonny Benjamin says...

Well, It's ashame that we're not ready for just a tropical storm.

Imagine the damage it would be, if it was a category 3 hurricane?

That tell me, either the government is not doing their job or the people are not listening to the warning.

Either way, its bad for our country, I am not blaming the president, the governo and mayors, should take the blames.

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Subject: Just a Tropical storm, Isaac killed 19 people in Haiti, compared to 2 in Dominican Republic edit

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