Law Project On Consumer Protection And Quality Control Of Food In Haiti

On Friday, March 13 2015, the Department of Quality Control and Consumer Protection (DCQPC) under the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MCI) celebrated 'the World Consumer Rights Day' with a series of conferences and debates aimed at raising awareness of the issues related to the need of healthy diets. During the occasion, Hervé Day, the Minister of Trade and Industry (MCI) delivered a speech mentioning the role and action of his Ministry for securing and protecting the legal rights of the consumers in the country. To guarantee quality food in correct measures to the consumers, the Haitian Bureau of Standards and Metrology has made several plans and for approval, the same have been submitted to the parliament. MCI would keep constant vigil on the distribution of consumer products to ensure compliance with the requirements for the labeling of prepackaged products and hygienic conditions. On May 23, 2012, President Martelly inaugurated a new sewage plant in Titanyen for supplying quality treated water to the people of Port-au-Prince and its surroundings. For the last two years, MCI with supports from DCQPC, has established 10 departmental federations of associations for consumers so that from a close proximity, they can monitor the standard and quality of goods and services offered. Further, they are raising the awareness among the consumers about the improved and effective patterns of consumption, considering the protection of the environment and social justice.


Practically, World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated every year on 15 March, since 1983 with a particular theme for each year. The theme for the current year was "Healthy Diets". Because Unhealthy diets are linked to four of the ten biggest causes of death worldwide: overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, high blood glucose and high cholesterol.

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