What's wrong with that picture. 16 Senators are against Bernard Gousse and 18, for

Upon his return from a three days visit in Spain, President Michel Martelly stated that he has nearly 18 Senators who are prepared to ratify Mr. Bernard Gousse as Prime Minister.


However, based on a resolution signed by 16 Haitian Senators last week, all sixteen of them rejected the designation of Mr. Bernard Gousse as Prime Minister and wanted to make it public that they intend to vote against his nomination

What's wrong with that picture?

Keep in mind that there are only a total of thirty (30) seats in the Haitian Senate. I may not be very good in math, but I can see that if 18 Senators are going to vote for Bernard Gousse, he will clearly have the majority and will consequently be nominated. On the other hand, sixteen Senators already signed a resolution against Bernard Gousse.
One of these two groups is bluffing

When are these people going to stop insulting other people's intelligence?

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Jonas P. says...

Here is again another example of our Haitian politicians not taking the population seriously.

These guys are playing politic while many lives in Haiti are going from bad to worst.

This martelly by the way is her to continue with the Duvalier regime.

There is more surprises to come from Michel

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Subject: What's wrong with that picture. 16 Senators are against Bernard Gousse and 18, for edit

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