Martelly Government said it is Winning Battle against Corruption

For the first time in over two centuries, Haiti has been making serious headway in rooting out corruption in business and government sectors. Ninety-four suspects have been kept in custody, or charged for practicing corruption within the last year. The latest arrestee is Philippe Chatelin, a local businessperson, who was taken into custody as a suspect in a corruption and contraband scheme, with several Customs officials also participating.


Francisco Rene, Port-au-Prince prosecutor, said his department is committed to wiping out corruption, issuing a warning to those engaged in corruption they will be caught and prosecuted. Government officials claim 90 suspects have been brought in on fraud charges, relating to Haiti's education fund and other government programs.

Antoine Atouriste, Anti-Corruption Unit Director General, said the Haitian government will intensify its efforts to apprehend many more people involved in corruption activities. The more arrests, prosecutions, and convictions made, the more those tempted to embezzle, or otherwise defraud the government, will be discouraged from doing so. Atouriste's staff has drafted a strict anti-corruption piece of legislation the Senate has passed. Now it is up to the Chamber of Deputies to give its assent.

Spokesperson, Kedler Augustin, of Prime Minister Lamothe's office, remarked "corruption has traditionally been common currency . . ." referring to the fact prior governments have ignored the problem.

Thomas Adams, U.S. State Department Coordinator for Haiti, backed up Augustin's claims, admitting the Martelly-Lamothe administration has vigorously gone after corruption in a way that previous administrations have not.

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