Massive Hurricane Sandy left 44 dead in Haiti and counting - See video

The biggest storm this hurricane season is likely to be the one that just left us. Based on the total of damages so far, hurricane Sandy is the largest killer. In Haiti, the latest estimate put to death toll at 44, with the expectation that it will continue to increase.


Hurricane Sandy on Haiti

In addition, according to Haiti's Civil Protection Office, nineteen people have received major injuries from the storm and another 12 are missing.

Further evaluation by Haitian authorities estimated that close to 131 people were moved into temporary shelters as a result of hurricane sandy

There were scores of washed-out roads, dead animals, rotting crops, flooded roads and raging rivers flowing with mud. killing animals

This is a hurricane that did not hit Haiti directly. can you just imagine for a moment that we were in the situation of Cuba that took a direct hit from hurricane Sandy. Close to twenty people have reported dead in Cuba.

The majority of the deaths and most extensive damage were in Haiti where it has rained almost non-stop for four days. The Haitian authorities began the process of picking up the pieces after four days of relentless rain. It was reported that President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe were involved in distributing water bottles and money to several of people in some of the affected areas

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Jano says...

So when will will we have an emergency plan. I thing I know that will work is to use the Military as a national force in case of a disaster such as this.

Instead of abusing people and beeing part of the corruption that Haiti is well known for, The Haitian government needs to come with a new military force not against its people but against natural disaster.

In addition, takig into consideration of the nature of our land. The government needs to implement a permanent policy "Curage" they should constantly be working on removing sands from our numerous

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Subject: Massive Hurricane Sandy left 44 dead in Haiti and counting - See video edit

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