Mexico reported 171 Cholera cases, Is the blame on Haiti or UN soldiers?

Things are not getting any better in term of the cholera outbreak. After Haiti, Dominican republic and Cuba, this time Mexico seems to be next winner of the cholera epidemic awarded by the United Nations.


There is a warning from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) that the Cholera illness could spread worldwide.

As you know, investigations have revealed that the origin of the outbreak of cholera in Haiti to leaking sewage at a camp for UN soldiers from Nepal. Supporters of the victims have tried to sue the UN, so far: "Nad marinad". This year, representative from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said "petition for compensation was "not receivable" under a 1947 convention which grants the UN immunity for its actions.

My question is that "When exactly is the UN going to take responsibility for this?"

Specially now that the Cholera epidemic is no longer about Haiti only, will the policy of the UN change?

The cholera epidemic has claimed over 8,000 lives in the Caribbean, and still the UN is untouchable!

Will we ever see justice in this case?

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Subject: Mexico reported 171 Cholera cases, Is the blame on Haiti or UN soldiers? edit

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