40 people drown when bus overturns in Glace River, near Pestel Haiti

A bus overturned on Monday 18th June 2012 in flooded Glace River in the southern area of Haiti and near the town of Pestel. Since the accident officials have been issuing contradictory reports regarding the number of people who were aboard and the number who died.


The bus accident took place somewhere near the town of Pestel. The town is located on Haiti's southern peninsula. The director of civil protection of Haiti, Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste, was reported saying that the driver of the bus had received warnings against crossing the rain swollen Glace River.

The president's office issued a statement saying that about 60 people were aboard when the ill-fated bus tried to cross southern Haiti's Glace River. A report on 19th June pointed that officials of the local civil protection had recovered 40 bodies and they were still searching for more. The statement reported that 9 people had survived the fatal accident either by way of being rescued or they could have swum out of the raging waters.

Another report from Norman Wiener, said that he had received information from the bus owner that there were 27 people aboard the bus and only eight people were missing. Norman Wiener is an official from the Grand'Anse department. The report claimed that 19 people survived the river catastrophe. According to the report the bus owner had collected bus fare from the passengers before the accident occurred.

Glace River, bus, Pestel, Haiti, accident, drowning
A bus accident involving the Glace River has caused multiple deaths.

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Subject: 40 people drown when bus overturns in Glace River, near Pestel Haiti edit

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