Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe, the betrayal

I saw this quote one day and I want to share it with you: "Those who don't know the value of loyalty, can never appreciate the cost of betrayal". I think this is probably what former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is feeling at this time. Having been in so many struggle with Michel Martelly, now that he wants his help, he could not get it.


According to president Michel Martelly, betrayal is out of the question when it comes to his relationship with Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. " I don't have any problem with Laurent lamothe" said Martelly in the interview given to Le Nouvelliste. "I could never think that Lamothe woud think that I betrayed him. I think that the people around Lamothe who want power could make him think that I betrayed him.

President Michel Martelly ended his conversation with The Nouvelliste by saying that Lamothe may have more passion be more high tech than he is. However, he said that it is not the passion and the high tech that makes him, but rather his dept and his greatmess.

Ash Sweeney quotes:
"The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies... It comes from Friends

Do you think Michel Martelly betrayed his friend Laurent Lamothe?

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Max Noel says...

This is another example of why you should never trust a politician.

They will sell their own children if they have to in some situations.

The same way it was during the Duvalier regime.

Do you remember Jean Bertrand Aristide and Rene Preval?

However, some politicians did make the prediction that this relationship between Laurent Lamothe and Michel Martelly would have ended this way

La reconnaisance est une lachete, dit Francois

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Castro De Julio says...

Really, I do not understand the sudden break between Lamothe and Martelly.

The we're doing so well as a

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Cesar says...

Not really.

What sweet Micky does to Laurent Gagothe is exactly what he did to almost everyone in his government.

He used them for his personal used and cut them loose.

When Lamothe was in power, he didn't believe that he could being used by Sweet Micky because he was one of the mastermind of using people.

Sorry Laurent Gagothe, feel the pains that you and sweet Micky used to give

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