This is the Haitian Kompa Music, the most popular form of music in Haiti. Someof the most talented Kompa bands include T-Vice, Djakout, Tropicana D'haiti, Septent, Skah Shah, Tabou Combo. In term of individual artists of the Haitian music, we have some popular names such as Bethova Obas, Coupe Cloue, Ansy and Yole Derose, and more

Pierre Gage, Haitian singer and songwriter

Pierre Gage is a great singer of a time that has had a great success in the music industry. He was is of a Jamaican-Haitian ancestry and has been greatly influenced by this in his career as he sings mostly sings soul and reggae songs with which he has been able to easily make it in. He began his career as a singer while still in high school by landing the role of Johny Roquefort after attending an audition for the rock opera Starmania.

Pierre Gage hence began his career in the music industry which was heavily influenced by artists of the time such as Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Lauryn Hill. He then went ahead and met with Corneille and Gardy Martin with whom he started the group R'n'B O.N.E. This group was one of his greatest moments as the songs they did together were some of the greatest in the time and were a stepping stone for the group as a whole.

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Prakazrel Samuel Michel, known as Praz

Prakazrel Samuel Michel, also known as Praz, is one of the most celebrated recording artists of a lifetime. He has a Haitian origin where there are many who claim he is pure Haitian while others claim he is American. This is possibly because he has a Haitian origin despite the fact of being born and raised in America.

He is cousin to the famous and all time recording and performing artist Wyclef Jean. He is one the members to the music group the Fugees which is one of the oldest singing groups that over the years has gained popularity across all the regions of the world. Praz was born in Brooklyn in New York where he cultivated his interest in music.

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Raymond Ballergeau, alias name Ti Roro

Raymond Ballergeau is a famous Haitian artist. Her alias name is Ti Roro, which she has earned in the world of music. Little is known of her background and earlier days. All the same her music is well known and that is what defines the lady. In her music she pays tribute to the Haitian culture and resurrects the memory of other Haitian talents.

In her music, she fuses different instruments' to bring out a harmonious alto-tune. In a band she joined she was drumming and made the band's music more marketable. In the band Raymond Ballergeau was being helped by a friend called Jean Marcel alias Ti. Issa El Saieh was the band which she mainly worked for though she did miss out on some of their work. The band had famous figures like Joseph Trouillot and others who assisted the lead singers.

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Regine Chassagne, musician of group Arcade Fire

She is a well to do musician who has been able to gain a lot from her career. Regine Chassagne was born in born 18 August 1977 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where by Canadian-Haitian parents who had immigrated to Canada during the reign of president Duvalier who was a renowned dictator in the country facilitating the death of so many of the country's citizens and the fleeing of a larger group of people.

Regine Chassagne was thus raised in Canada where she also noticed her interests and talent in the music industry and was involved with a couple of bands where they did a couple of great hits. She then met Win Butler with whom they co-founded the band group arcade fire which was a huge success for them.

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Roi Heenok, Haitian Canadian rapper

Roi Heenok is also known as Heenok Beauséjour. He is Canadian rapper of Haitian lineage. He was born in 1974 in Haiti but currently lives in Montreal. He always used a weird slang and terminology with a lot of repeated sentences, more similar to a contact language.

He used this language so as to be understood by various audiences. Roi Heenok directly translated English terms to French and used them while rapping. This gave his music some humor. For example the song pute nègre, translates to bitch nigger. His lyrics were sung slowly when compared to other raps. He does his music in a tortuous style of a loan as shown in the first album titled Rap Music Cocaïno. It was launched in 2008.

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Sha Money XL, Haitian American producer

Sha Money XL is one of the few Haitian American artists that have been able to make their dreams easily come true. He was born in 1975 in Haiti but later moved with his parents to the states where they settled in New York. He is a very prominent figure having been able to easily market and bring the famous artists 50 Cent to the mainstream.

Sha Money XL is known of having facilitated most of the big names in the music industry to get to where they currently are. He is thus a very powerful and interesting person with a lot of good advice to most of the upcoming artists. There are a number of labels and records he has greatly facilitated in bring up such as the 50 cents label and some of the snoop doggy dog`s records.

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Shaun Shiller Fequiere, Kangol Kid, Haitian-American music producer

Shaun Shiller Fequiere, who goes by the stage name Kangol Kid because of his penchant for Kangol hats, is a Haitian-American music producer, song composer, dancer, and emcee. Born in Haiti, he came to the U.S. with his family, and grew up in Brooklyn.

Shaun Shiller Fequiere, Kangol Kid began his music career in the rap group UTFO, break-dancing, and success came quickly to them, with their first single Roxanne, Roxanne, winning them the "Best Rap Group" award in 1988, at the Urban Music Awards. Soon they were making appearances on Soul Train and The Phil Donahue Show, and also had the distinction of being the first rap group to perform at the Apollo Theater. UTFO opened for such acts as Hall and Oates and Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin of The Temptations. By 1987, their album Lethal, featuring rockers Anthrax, became the #1 rap album in the U.S.

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Shedly Abraham, Haitian drummer

Shedly Abraham is a Haitian born professional drummer and artist who have lived to his expectations of being a great and popular professional in the music industry. He is one of the few musicians who have over the years been able to easily come up with exactly what they need to make it in the industry. He began his career back in the very old days where music had a very different kind of attention as it currently does and as such he was able to make it out of being a great professional.

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Tony Yayo, Haitian descent rapper

Marvin Bernard or better known as Tony Yayo is an American rapper with Haitian descent. He is one of the few people who have been able to easily make it to the limelight only through their talents and abilities which like any other artists they have had to grow and nurture so as to have them as successful as they are.

Marvin Bernard, Tony Yayo, is one of the G-unit members who have been able to gain a lot of popularity through their efforts in producing and recording great records some of which have made it as far as 2x platinum and gold sale. He is one of the members who have been around to see the far and the hassles the G-unit group has gone through and how much it has achieved. He is one of the CEOs to the group and as such he is very much famous all over the world just like all the other members.

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Tuco Bouzi Biography

Tuco Bouzi is a well-known Haitian drummer and composer. He is the founder of reputed Dixie Band. He earned enormous popularity among the Haitian community through this band.

The first album of Tuco Bouzi, Bel Carnaval, with Dixie band was released in 1984. He released a number of hit albums with the band including Malouines, Roule, Lolita, Ti Yaya, El Unico, Vérité, Aba, Abou Yeye, Pretty Lady, Abu, Kimbe Compaou, La Ki Ni Nana, Bayo Bayo, Voye Monte, Andrea, Les Grands Success de Dixi Band, La Ban'n A Touco. One of his legendary tracks is "Tuco's salsa" which is in the album Vérité.

However, the band was broken and Tuco Bouzi started working on his own and with different other bands and singers. Dixie Band is so popular that even now they are invited to perform in different national programmes in Haiti.

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