Facts about Electricity distribution and consumption in Haiti

Électricité d'Haïti(ED'H), Haiti State owned electricity company provides the lowest coverage of electricity in the Western Hemisphere. It only provides electricity to approximately 12.5% of the population


This is due essentially to a combination issues. The government charges high electricity tariffs on Haitian customers who many of which believe in non-payment for electricity services. In addition, there is a low base of metered customers on top of widespread electricity theft and an inefficient and decrepit electricity network

Many sectors of the population become unproductive due to lack of electricity. Government employees need electricity to deliver necessary services. It is the same for the entertainment industry, Police, hospitals just to name a few.

The electricity shortage has created a situation in which many private residents as well as institutions such as; hospitals, schools become obligated to produce their own electricity with diesel generators, spending large portions of their income on fuel to run those generators.

To deal with this problem, the Haitian government has developed a partnership with some private electricity suppliers. ED'H agreed to purchase electricity from companies such as: Sogener, Haytrac and Epower at an agreed price. It is currently estimated that 23% of electricity generation capacity in Haiti is in private hands.

Tariffs and subsidies:
The Government estimates that utility bills cover less than 50% of electricity generated. The government is obligated to come up with the difference through subsidies min order to cover its operating expenses.

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Les says...

This a new era. Haiti should use natural resources already available.

There is plenty of Sun where the country is located.

"Solar" is the wave of the future so that's the way we should

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