"No Haitians Need Apply" in Pennysaver Help wanted ad

In Spring Valley, discrimination is well alive, specially against Haitians. The Newspaper Pennysaver has recently posted an ad placed by Interim Healthcare Inc. that clearly stated that no Haitians need to apply. Am I going back to the 1940s and 1950s when certain groups in America were clearly advised not to apply for a specific position?


The ad that appeared in a Pennysaver October 15th edition was made by Interim Healthcare Inc. and ironically, to be published in the Rockland County Pennysaver. The ad was for a female nursing position in West Haverstraw. This is by the way an area with a large Haitian population. "No Haitians" would be considered for employment according to the ad.

Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare is a provider of home care, health care staffing and hospice services. The company has more than 300 locations in 43 states.

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Marie says...


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Shime Leroys says...

innocent ap payer pou coupable ca flotine fai ce abaco qui ap payer pu ca (flotine ce concou moin pa vle di wool) haitien fais empil bagaill nan pays ici gade nan anoth miami selment moin pa paler de new

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Gilda Paul says...

That's unbelievable and

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Papache Labissiere says...

This is not a good action by the company that decided to cover an entire group of people.

During the time of Hitler, this means that all Haitians are alike therefore, all of them will pay for the action s of a few.

On the other side, there are many behaviors that are exhibited by some Haitians at work that would leave some employers to desire.

If we want to be frank for a moment, we would also agree that many Haitians, specially in the US have been making it a practice to use work as a n opportunity to cash in in frivolous lawsuits and my question is that does the company take this discriminatory action due to this kind of history?

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Nadia Cherie says...

I believe that this ad covers all Haitians, whether you are Mulato, black, reach or poor, this ad also includes you. The bottom line is that we will never be comfortable anywhere else but in Haiti.

The all need to protect this piece of land and understand that every Haitian is part of it.

This company in New jersey needs to be picketed and we need to use them to make an example of them. These people do not have any right to exclude an entire class of

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Subject: "No Haitians Need Apply" in Pennysaver Help wanted ad edit

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