"No Haitians Need Apply" in Pennysaver Help wanted ad

Papache Labissiere - October 19 2015, 2:51 PM

This is not a good action by the company that decided to cover an entire group of people.

During the time of Hitler, this means that all Haitians are alike therefore, all of them will pay for the action s of a few.

On the other side, there are many behaviors that are exhibited by some Haitians at work that would leave some employers to desire.

If we want to be frank for a moment, we would also agree that many Haitians, specially in the US have been making it a practice to use work as a n opportunity to cash in in frivolous lawsuits and my question is that does the company take this discriminatory action due to this kind of history?

Does this have anything to do with minimizing the possibility for lawsuit?

Here is the reason I am saying that. I know several Haitians in the healthcare field who make it a career in getting a job, after few months on the job, fall and bring a lawsuit on the company

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