Osner Févry, Jeantel Joseph and Joseph Enold joined Monitoring Committee

The work of the Monitoring Committee of the inter Haitian dialogue must go on. God luck to those who have joined the government of open, government of job opening, or government of closure as some may refer to. However, we at the Monitoring Committee have much more to do.


With the new appointment of Mr. Osner Févry of the National Coalition of Political Parties Non-Aligned Movement of the Democratic Centre (CONACED) , Mr. Jeantel Joseph National Consortium of Political Parties, and Joseph Enold the Konvansyon inite Demokratik to replace former Senator Rudy Hérivaux, former colonel Himmler Rébu of GREH Party and Patrick SW Joseph, I feel that the committee is under great pressure to have things done.

That does not seem to be the case at the Haitian senate where a vote on the El Rancho accord can only take place with a miracle of God. it will not happen
Now look at where we are:

Michel Martelly can not afford not to have election in 2014. It he doesn't, Washington DC will ring his neck!

It is April 15, just 8 Months before the deadline to have the election.

My conclusion is that there will be an election this year; however, it will be called "Eleksyon Malatchonn"

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Mar Kensy says...

Twa moun sa. Yo se twa vôlè twa visiyé, twa moun kipa respekté Tet yo sitou pou osner fevry.

Rene preval te metel deyô nan palè pou vôlè.

Kounyé ya lap chèche pou swit Micky bal job menm jan ak vacabon yo rele roody Erivo a, yo tap chèche yo pat ka jwenn yo pwan poz rantré nan ran dialog.

Ki dyalog posib aloské pwizonyé politik pa Janm lagé.

Poukisa yo toujou nan pwizon.

E poukisa pou map palé de dyalog aloské mediatris la wè tout deriv kigen nan peyi

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Subject: Osner Fevry, Jeantel Joseph and Joseph Enold joined Monitoring Committee edit

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