Guy Philippe rejects his involvement, stating Remy Teleus was coerced

This morning (Tuesday May 17, 2016) Guy Philippe denied any accusation that he was involved in the assault on the Commissariat in Cayes. On the airwaves of Radio Metropole, Guy Philippe denounced the accusations against him. He stated in the video currently circulating, Remy Teleus never mentioned his name. It was not until one of the reporters repeated his name to Remy Teleus that he confirmed that Guy Philippe sent him.


Since yesterday, following he attack on the Police station in Cayes, the attention has been focused on Guy Philippe. According to one of the bandits captured, Remy Teleus, Guy Philippe was the one who orchestrated this attack.

How do you think Guy Philippe will come out of this one?

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Subject: Guy Philippe rejects his involvement, stating Remy Teleus was coerced edit

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