Haitian Peasants by Marylynn Steckley

Marylynn Steckley, is one of the five research finalists in the "Research for a Better Life: the Storytellers" sponsored by the Canada based Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Marylynn is driven by a passionate concern for food, agriculture and rural development in Haiti, especially about the livelihoods of peasant farmers and how their lives are affected by the combined adverse changing conditions in the present economic, political, cultural and trade liberalization systems. The depth and scope of her fieldwork with understanding and critical analysis is truly remarkable for a graduate student. In the course of her PhD, she worked and lived with her family in Haiti for almost 3 years and conducted extensive qualitative interviews and surveys with peasant farmers in fluent Haitian Creole (her children also speak Creole). The final result of her work is exceptional rich empirical data and a deep understanding of peasant struggles.


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