PM Evans Paul marginalized at Jocelerme Privert' investiture

Just like most Haitians, yesterday (February 14, 2016) I was watching the ceremony of investiture of Jocelerme Privert as the Provisional President of Haiti. Like many I suppose, I was very surprised to see some of the hard core oppositions present at the ceremony such as Maryse Narcissi and Mildred Aristide. But to me it was even more surprising to see Prime Minister being marginalized as he was standing in the crowd just like everyone else listening to the President. Some people said that it was nothing because all the dignitaries were there including all the ministers.


However, I think it was more than that with Prime Minister Evans Paul. There may me a coded message coming on the part of Jocelerme Privert to let the Haitian Prime Minister know that he has no place in his administration.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

PM Evans Paul Pa te gen enpòtans nan inogirasyon Jocelerme Privert

Tankou pifò Ayisyen, Yè (fevriye 14, 2016) Mwen te ap gade seremoni envèstitur de Jocelerme Privert Kom Prezidan Pwovizwa. Tankou anpil moun te wè, Mwen te trè sezi wè kèk nan lopozisyon yo difisil te nan seremoni an tankou Maryse Narcissi ak Mildred Aristide. Men mwen te plis etonele lè ke'm te wè Premye Minis Evans paul ki te kanpe nan mitan foul moun la tankou tout lòt moun pou koute Prezidan an. Gen kèk moun ki di ke sa pa gen anyen nan sa paske tout diyitè yo ak lot minis yo te nan menm sitiyasyon an. Sepandan, mwen panse ke genyen plis nan ack sa

Ou pa panse sa se yon mesaj kode de Jocelerme Privert pou li di Premye Minis Paul: " Ou pa gin plas nan gouvènman sa"?

Kisa ou panse?

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Sanon says...

First of all, he is not marginalized, he is where he is suppose to be. The focus is on the forward progress of Haiti's infancy in democracy.

They screwed up the election, the x-president left as required.

So now, they're doing what they can. Paul represents what was, Privert represents future hope. Haiti...3 steps forward and 2

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Shime Leroy says...

politique haiti ce con ca ce chaque group vini ac noune pa yo haiti ce on pays depuis ou connin noune ou ap riveou pa oue longtemps le on president ap prend exil ce tout noune pa li qui aller cavec si yo pa gain temps prend exil yo oblige nan

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Subject: PM Evans Paul marginalized at Jocelerme Privert' investiture edit

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