New Equal Rights Policy Initiative positive step toward Gender Equality

Haitian President Michel Martelly introduced the Men-Women Equality Policy (EFH) and the EFH National Action Initiative (NAI) at a gathering of government of Haiti (GOH) ministries (Public Health Minister, Dr. Florence D.Guillaume; Status of Women and Women's Rights (MSWWR) Minister, Mrs. Yves Rose Myrtil Morquette, and Canadian Ambassador to Haiti, Ms. Paula Saint-Onge). The occasion was to celebrate the 28th International Women's Day.


The implementation of NAI will be the responsibility of the Ministry for the Status of Women and Women's Rights (MSWWR). It will act as advocates in the following areas:

Impartiality regarding gender equality and equal rights in the judicial system

Equal education opportunities for women

The right to dignity and respect regarding treatment of women's sexual and reproductive health

A zero-tolerance policy regarding any kind of violence directed at women and girls

Equal opportunities for women regarding employment and wages

Equal opportunities for women's involvement in the decision-making process

Minister Morquette of MSWWR presented a report on the status of women in Haiti and other regions around the globe, where gender equality needs strong policy-making. She pointed out the obstacles Haitian women confront in the health, political, socio-economic, cultural, and civic arenas. She implored all actors concerned to carry out the policies of EFH and NAI.

Currently the GOH under-represents women: for senate seats 209 men and only 23 women are running; for deputy seats 1,495 men and 128 women; for the presidency 64 men and 6 women.

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Subject: New Equal Rights Policy Initiative positive step toward Gender Equality edit

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