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Laurent Lamothe said he has no plans to run for President of Haiti

It seems to me the only person who doesn't know that Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is going to run in the next election in Haiti is Laurent Lamothe himself.

While everyone else is working hard to make it difficult for the former Prime Minister to become a candidate. In an interview with The Tennessean, Lamothe once again stated that he has no plans to run for President of Haiti.

Former Prime Ministers Jean-Max Bellerive and Laurent Lamothe are currently seeking discharges. However, Haiti Audit Court released a report recently that is not favorable to these two. It cites serious irregularities in 2013-14 during their government.

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Former President Bill Clinton and his experience with Haitian Voodoo

Former US President Bill revealed in his new book " My Life" his experience with Haitian Voodoo which he found fascinating, and helped him to understand how different cultures try to make sense of life, nature, and spirit forces

The former US President recalled that back in 1975 after his wedding with Hillary, the couple was awarded a trip to Haiti from a friend David Edwards

Bill Clinton explained in his book that Hillary, his friend Edwards and he went to see a voodoo ceremony near Port-au-Prince. After a brief description of the voodoo religion, later that day, Voodoo priest Max Beauvoir later conducted a voodoo ceremony in their presence.

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Nonie Mathieu diverted 37 million gourdes of state funds

The former President of the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes is in hot water for diverting state funds. According to a report made public by RNDDH, Nonie Mathieu was involved in a major scam to steal funds for office equipment worth of 37 million gourdes.

Yo samble pran Nonie Mathieu pou "Dwet long Siperye

According to the report, Ms. Mathieu submitted request for the release of funds to two questionable companies at some unbelievable costs. However, there are no records that these furnitures have been delivered.

In an inventory conducted by the Superior Court of Auditors on August 2014, the auditors found no trace of many of the items claimed to be purchased.

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Linouse Desravine won bronze medal in Judo

Haiti has secured itself a decent 3 medals in the XXII Central American and Caribbean Games. Held from the 14th to the 30th of November in Veracruz, Mexico, the games featured a host of sports including weightlifting and judo. Of the former Haiti took home 2 medals. The latter category saw Haiti's third win, as women's category (52kg) contestant Linouse Desravine won the bronze medal.

Her first fight, against Vicky Fonseca from Nicaragua, was a quarter final in which she won 3:00' (000 - 000S3) with 3 Shidos from her opponent. She then went on to fight Yanet Bermoy from Cuba, again winning the fight with one Shido in 4:00. Her final fight, which secured her the medal, was with Jormary Palmas of Venezuela, whom she beat by ippon in 1:02 (001-100). While having won all three of her fights, the final scoring allowed for Desravine to get the second bronze while first bronze went to Monica Hernandez, silver went to Maria Garcia, and gold to Yanet Bermoy.

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Michaelle Jean, International Francophone Organization's New Secretary General

At the 15th Francophonie Summit held in Dakar, Senegal the membership of the International Francophone Organization (OIF) officially inducted Michaelle Jean as the new Secretary General. She takes the place of outgoing Abdou Diouf.

Jean is the first woman to break the glass ceiling at OIF, and in her acceptance speech said, "I understand the needs and expectations of member states and governments of the OIF . . ." Jean has made a whole-hearted commitment to planning initiatives with Francophonie Associations, including government bodies and civil society institutions. Now the Francophonie has entered the 21st century it is time to place more emphasis on the role women and youth play in a modern economy. By listening and asking for input from young adults and women, a new model of prosperity will gather momentum ". . . it will combine the increase in trade and human and sustainable development for all" Jean asserted.

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Information on PetroCaribe projects to be made public by Valery Numa

Breaking news - Popular radio host of Radio Vision 2000, Valery Numa, just announced that he will make public tomorrow all information about the various projects currently being funded by Petrocaribe. According to the radio host, he will give a list of all the projects estimated to be over 200 from 2008 to 2015. In addition, he promised to release the cost for each project, how much money has been released for each and who has the money.

This is explosive information as Mr. Numa mentioned. Many listeners on the show sent emails and text messages, suggestion medication that are good for Diarrhea as they assume that many of the people responsible for the implementation of the projects will likely be sick in their stomach.

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Evans Paul declares to Unite Haiti and Resolve Political Crisis

Evans Paul, nominated by President Michel Martelly for the office of Prime Minister, has been approved by Parliament. He has moved to the prime minister's quarters on Bourdon road. He has not been installed as prime minister, planned for January 1st. Dr. Enold Joseph, Secretary General of Konvansyon Inite Demokratik party, has confirmed these details.

The press received more information that Parliament's lower chamber is convening on the 5th of the month to review Evan Paul's eligibility for the office of prime minister, set forth in the Constitution's Article 157, which has six requirements that Paul must meet to take office on the 6th of January. He must:

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Fourth edition of the competition of The Ten Outstanding Young Persons

On Friday, August 29, 2014, the Junior Chamber International Haiti (JCI Haiti) launched the fourth edition competition for "The Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Haiti". The competition has been set up under a theme "self representation of youths"-- to represent themselves as a recognizable role model. It has been organized under the patronage of the Embassy of Canada, Médiatexte and other partners with an objective to promote the innovative and creative capacity of young Haitians aged between 18 and 40 years who have proficiency and excelled in diverse fields of activities and studies like education, economics, politics, child welfare, culture, human rights, peace, science and technologies, personal achievements, leaderships and etc.

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veteran politician Evans Paul nominated prime minister to lead new government

On Christmas Day 2014, the country's leader, President Michel Martelly, announced his nomination for the new prime minister in seasoned politician Evans Paul. With his new candidate, President Martelly hopes to cool the fires threatening peace in the state following an absurdly long delay in elections. Paul, a previous presidential candidate himself having run in the 2006 elections, will replace Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, who was forced to resign to usher in this new government.

Though Paul was unsuccessful in his bid for presidency, he has enjoyed the honor of being mayor of Port-au-Prince in the 1990 elections, just four years after being a part of the take-down of the former Haitian leader Jean-Claude Duvalier, known as "Baby Doc". At this juncture, the president and his nominated prime minister wait for the approval of his choice to move forward.

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Mr. Josue Pierre-Louis considered undesirable in Belgium

The former President of the CEP and former Minister of Justice in Haiti, Mr. Josue Pierre-Louis, named undesirable in Belgium and would not be confirmed as Ambassador of Haiti. This is according to information praovided by a belgium newspaper.

According to the newspaper, they have some doubts on Mr. Josue Pierre-Louis that make them uncomfortable to ritify him as ambassador. The the Belgium government has been waiting since Fall 2014 for the Haitian government to name another person.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Mezanmi, ginyin kek bagay ki swiv yon nom pou la vie-ou. Ou konnin ke Gouvenman Belgik la di yo pap akcepte Josue Pierre-Louis kom Ambasade. Sanble

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