Senator Jean Marie Salomon unhappy, denounces colleagues

Senator Jean Marie Salomon is now selling a new image for himself. He wants to be the new anti-corruption Senator in the country. The Senator of South came out strong this week to denounce some the behaviors of his colleagues as well as President Jocelerme Privert he feels are reprimandable. Among the things he mentions are for instance problem with government vehicles and the manner in which they were distributed to the Senators, Fritz Carlos Lebon not providing financial report on the management of the Senate, some Senators receiving preferential treatments. He also got on the President's case with the nomination of Police Chief Michel-Ange Gedeon without consulting with him, contrary to what we have learned from President Jocelerme Privert.


The question that many observers of Haitian politics are asking, why this sudden and surprising reaction from Senator Jean Marie Salomon? It seems to me that the Senator is now on a struggle to save Haiti from curruption. However, many people don't buy this new approach at all. For some analysts, Senator Salomon doing this for his own selfish reasons; the result of deals going bad. They think that it is likely that as the Senators were making high demands on the government of President Privert in order to ratify his Prime Minister, the president was unable to satisfy all the demands and it is likely that Senator Jean Marie Salomon was one of those who did not have all of his demands met.

Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000 said that there is no question on whether or not Senator Salomon was involved in inside deals, but a fact. Valery feels that he was not satisfied with what he received at the end, therefore is now going on the air wave, pretending he is defending to mass.

What do you think?

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