Video of Police Brutality by members of The Haitian National Police, ( PNH)

Here is a video just posted on the internet about an example of police brutality in Haiti.


According to the video, on April 26, 2011, Haitian Police Officers (PNH) were involved in insulting several detainees in the region of Grande Anse, Haiti.

According to the individual who uploaded the video, "One of the detainees was unconscious, a second pleading for mercy, while the third man was beaten, kicked in the face and has rocks thrown at his head by a Police officer.


"You can not be dealing with the same people over and over again and expecting different results."

Click on picture below to watch video:

The main thing that needs to be captured in this video is that all three detainees were already on the ground and at the time did not represent any threat or danger to any of the members of Haitian Police (PNH).

The Haitian civilian police force was created in 1994 by former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide when he returned to power, in order to end brutality by the military. Ironically, the new force is now accused of using violence as well.

As President-elect Michel Martelly is contemplating on creating a new Police force in Haiti, this video of the current Haitian Police force involved in police Brutality does not help his case.


Do you think the members of Haitian National Police are behaving properly?
How do you think the President-Elect would react to the new video on Police brutality in Haiti?

Will President-Elect Michel Martelly address this issue of Police brutality ?

Please comment

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Radjaj says...

c'est une honte pour nous haitien la police haitienne entrain de tuer un au autre haitien avec une pierre c'est tres grave salut mon frere bon courage, je te remercie pour toutes les informations que tu m'envoie tres cordialement elson

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Kaam says...

sa se yon crime ki pa gen parey.

Sa pi red ke nan tan makout.

police sa you ta dwe juge et femin nan

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Luis Delgado says...

I want to express to you my personal opinion about the last article that you send to me about the Hatian National Police, I think is not good at all, I was police officer in my country, I worked one year at the PNH academy in Pernier Port au Prince, and I know the reality and I know the

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George says...

Correction: the video was taken by me in Grande Goave, in Ouest département, not in Grande

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Hp says...

Although patriotic as a nation but our mentality have to change...Police brutality by some if not most in the Haitian police forces is considered a norm. Despite the change in presidency, it is still somewhat of a reminder of the "tonton macoute".

It gives then a sense of power and control.

All men are inoccent until proven guilty despite the

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Phd says...




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Marie says...

No one should be treated like an animals the police of Haiti should know better then that I feel so deeply sad for that matter I hope god will put an end to the violence.

Cause it is very sad to see a human an pain and there is nothing you can do to help.

But god will I beilive on

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Colette Bony says...

If I am not mistaken, President Martely
promised to restore the Haitian army. I hope and pray that the new army will learn to protect and defend the people'not to brutalize, torture and kill them. We need a police force that we can be proud

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Lecorp says...

This is an issue that the Haitian Police chief mario andresol needs to address immediately.

The Haitian population needs an explanation directly from Mr. Mario andresol regarding police brutality

If Haiti should move toward democracy, the Haitian government should also do its part.

The Police Chief needs to investigate this, come with the findings and if any member of his Police force did not follow proper procedures, the public needs to know the consequences

Enough of

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Jacob M. says...

As a Haitia-American living in the United States, this can happen to me also. The same way the criminals in Haiti are a threat to the economic development of Haiti, a Police force filled with uneducated people is as dangerous and a threat to the development of Haiti

We need to invest in security.

However, we need to do it right.

We can not give deadly wapon to people who can not handle it in a proper

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