Rudy Hériveaux demands for dialogue with the opposition

The Haitian government, claiming it wants to hold elections by the end of this year, is continuing to obstruct the process. Minister of Communication, Rudy Heriveaux, has demanded President Martelly step in and end the stalemate of G6 senators.


Martelly replies, "I would not refuse my help if I received a clear signal from you . . ." which is code for; I'm not going to help you. In a crafty move, he points to the meeting he held with signatories on the Inter-Haitian Agreement to set a date for elections, but they could not reach a consensus because they did not have a two-thirds vote. In another sly maneuver he sent a communiqué to the senate president, saying he was ". . . willing and available to meet you if you want to find a solution to the impasse . . ."

Heriveaux contends the El Rancho and Best Western agreements have been signed and no reason exists to not set a date for the elections. But the opposition wants to amend the agreements and Heriveaux observes ". . . it's to pass the time, so that elections are not held . . ."

As a last resort, he is willing to apply Article 12 of the El Rancho Agreement as the only way out of the quagmire. Meantime the senate wants to bend the rules so Martelly can rule by decrees under Article 136 of the Constitution until after the upcoming election.

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