Senator Wencesclass Lambert issued a 15-day ultimatum to resign

Senator Wencesclass Lambert has officially thrown his hat into the ring with fellow Senator Edwin Zenny, issuing the announcement of his impending resignation. The 15-day ultimatum he issued is meant to follow in the footsteps of other G5 members Senators, Zenny, Jean Will Jean-Baptiste and Lucien Derex Pierre-Louis. Before this announcement, Senator Lambert had been one of the only two G5 Senators who had not made their positions known.


The move is in attempt, according to Senator Lambert, to meet the Executive halfway in fulfilling the call for the elections, which is highly anticipated and grossly overdue. The wish is to stop the creation of a lapse in the upper chamber to be caused by member of G6, Senators John Joel Joseph (West), Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime (Northeast), Westner Polycarpe (North, Jean-Charles Moise (North), Jean William Jeanty (Nippes), and Francky Exius (South), which would in turn impede the elections.

The 15-day peremptory demand is to have the G6 vote on the amendments made to the electoral law. Their failure to do so within the window will result in his resignation. Speaking of his solidarity with Senator Zenny, Senator Lambert said that the he was bound by the former's decision, as the Southeast was indivisible. He maintained that a Senate of 20 members could not continue to be held "in hostage" by 6; he warned that without their vote, the country will witness an unparalleled political event.

One G5 member, Senator Francois Lucas Sainvil, disassociated from the other G5 members citing that the threat of resignation of a senator is a strategy he finds inept.

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