President Rene Preval meets with President-elect Michel Martelly - Live Video

Here is a first in the history of Haiti. Two Haitian presidents, not of the same political party, are having a smooth transition.


My Friend, could you believe this? Michel Martelly meeting Rene Preval at the invitation of the later to discuss the transition from Rene Preval to Michel Martelly in the Haitian government.

Wait! ....What ever happen to "Dechoukaj"

Banm Ter a Blanch......

The "Haitian Joudalist" has obtained the video of the meeting between Rene Preval and Michel Martelly. In brief, Rene Preval explained that thi is not the first time they talk and that Michel is an old friend. The two also talked about what is currently going on in the country. According to President Rene Preval, Haiti does not need "Dirigent", but needs the country to succeed. He also said that it is not about Michel Martell or Rene Preval, "We need to put our heads together to make it work in the country", said the current leader.

Michel Martelly, for his part, thank the president and his wife for inviting him. He appreciate the fact that this transition is different than the others in the past. As Michel Martelly stated: "Se te Toujou Hing Hang"

Please watch the video. The "Haitian Joudalist" is sorry for the quality of the video as the sound was not the best. However we believe it is important to show you the video as we take the responsibility to bring you all relevant information about Haiti and the Haitian government


What ever happen to "Dechoukaj" in Haiti?

Is this a sign that we are getting more civilized?

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Jocelin N. says...

I don't buy it for a moment that Rene Preval is is willing to cooperate with the new Haitian government of Michel Martelly.

He needs to explain what he has done with the money from petro Caribe and many other fund that nobody knows what happen to them

Rene Preval should be put on

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Manno says...

Rene Preval is assuring his place and that is why he want to cooperate with Michel Martelly.

I think the president will be put on trial for the way he managed the presidency.

As smart as usual.

He is becoming friend with the Martelly government to avoid exile and

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Lumanise J. says...

Didn't one senator say that Rene Preval would not support Martelly and would not transfer power to Martelly.

These senators are full of

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Jano says...

I am so glad to see picture like tis coming out of Haiti.

It seems that the Haitian leaders are finally getting some senses by deciding to work together instead of fighting one against another.

I love so much haiti and I would like to spend my last day in it.

Please people make it

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Mimose says...

This is definitly a first in Haiti.

The two presidents Michel Martelly and Rene Preval collaborationg in the future of Haiti

It is about time that we Haitian realize this is our country and we all have the right to it

Compliment for both the President and the President

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Subject: President Rene Preval meets with President-elect Michel Martelly - Live Video edit

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