Protesters demanding the chance to vote in legislative and local elections

Beginning in the slums of the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Bel Air, some few thousand protesters, including members of the Haitian opposition, marched through the capital to demand they receive the chance to vote for the local and legislative elections that have been due for three years now. The announcement was made early on the day for the vote, Sunday, October 26, 2014 by the President, who stated that the political atmosphere was still too unstable to facilitate an election.


Whatever the reason for the delay, the effect is the same. The widespread chaos is slowly migrating out of the capital and into the other areas of the country, such as Cap-Haitian, with people eager to exercise their constitutional right to vote for their leaders. The protesters were armed with placards, burning rum-soaked wood and their voting cards, demonstrating their readiness for the vote. Some of the more radical had images of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, currently on house arrest in his Port-au-Prince home pending charges of corruption.

It is the same cry of corruption that is levelled at President Martelly, who the protesters claim is only trying to delay the vote to remain in power by decree if the people are not allowed to vote for their leader. The decision might be taken out of their hands if 2015 rolls around without the senate seats being filled. One third of the current senatorial terms has already expired. The claims are from the administration that the postponement was because of the political stalemate perpetuated by 6 senators who refused to vote on the electoral law.

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